Greg Packer Lives

New York’s official Man in the Street makes the Republican convention:

Greg Packer, 40, of Huntington, on Long Island, is a Republican who marched with a sign offering to volunteer for the GOP convention. “I signed up, but they didn’t pick me,” he said. “They don’t even have to pay me.”

I posted a note about Greg Packer last June:

[A] Lexis/Nexis search turned up over 100 references to Mr. Packer in various newspapers. He’s been interviewed at the special mass following 9/11; while waiting to tour the White House after George Bush’s inauguration; at the NBA draft; in Times Square on New Year’s Eve; at the opening of the new “Star Wars” movie; attending the opening of a new clothing store on Fifth Avenue; outside a Clinton fund-raiser at Alec Baldwin’s house in the Hamptons; during the Pope’s visit to Giants Stadium; attending parades on St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Veteran’s Day; waiting for doors to open at a Madonna concert; and at Yankees, Mets, Phillies, and New York/New Jersey Hitmen (XFL) games.

Greg Packer
Greg Packer: Face in the Crowd

His name and or photo has appeared in the New York Times, New York Post, L.A. Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, Orlando Sentinel, The Guardian (U.K.!), and Newsday. Thanks to the Associated Press, he has seen column inches in the Raleigh-Durham Herald-Sun, the Olympian (Olympia, Wa.), the Hannibal (Mo.) Courier-Post, and the Holland (Mi.) Sentinel.

In addition, his name has graced online news outlets such as,,, and

I’m glad to see ol’ Greg is still around, and still conning reporters into putting his name in the paper.

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