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Another Reason Richard Perle Left Government Service

My wife and I are going to paint a 20-foot section of basement wall with chalkboard paint so we can connect all of these dots:

Press tycoon Conrad M. Black and other top Hollinger International Inc. officials pocketed more than $400 million in company money over seven years and Black’s handpicked board of directors passively approved many of the transactions, a company investigation concluded.

A report by a special board committee singled out director Richard N. Perle, a former Defense Department official, who received $5.4 million in bonuses and compensation. The report said Perle should return the money to the Chicago company.

Now, follow along: Hollinger owns about 20 daily newspapers, including the Chicago Sun-Times and the Jerusalem Post, and it recently sold London’s Daily Telegraph. It also owns or has shares of about 250 other publications, mostly in Israel and the U.S.

The board of directors includes Henry Kissinger, former Illinois governor and 9/11 Commission member Jim Thompson, and former ambassador Richard Burt.

Hollinger’s best-known asset may be “One Man Global Content Provider” Mark Steyn, a wonderfully gifted and entertaining writer who just happens to strongly support the neocon position on waging preemptive war against radical Islam.

I note that Mr. Steyn was also a guest at the Bilderberg conference last year. Kissinger and Perle are regular attendees at the annual globalist lovefest.

What does it all mean? I have no idea. That’s why we need the giant chalkboard.

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