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St. Louis: Using Psychic’s Power to Grow?

Update: It turns out that the regional chamber of commerce wasn’t the only group to hire self-described “psychic” David Levin to consult:

A management consultant who claims to have psychic powers was employed locally not only by the Regional Chamber and Growth Association but also by Civic Progress, Metro Forum and the city of St. Louis.

David Z. Levin, a Boulder, Colo.-based management consultant, has been doing consulting work for the RCGA for about seven years, beginning in early 1997. He was terminated Aug. 22 by Dick Fleming, RCGA president and chief executive, after Levin’s psychic claims were revealed. During his employment by the RCGA, Levin was paid about $1.4 million. …

In addition to his work with the RCGA, Levin also was a consultant to Civic Progress, a 49-year-old organization comprised of chief executives of the region’s largest corporations. Levin was one of several consultants employed by Civic Progress in 1998 to help refocus and reorganize the group, according to Frank Hamsher, a spokesman for Civic Progress. Civic Progress reimbursed the RCGA $220,000 for Levin’s services in 1998, he said. Civic Progress leaders were advised not to speak to the media about Levin, but to refer all questions to Hamsher, according to an e-mail sent to members Aug. 25.

Levin also recently has consulted with Metro Forum, a collaboration between FOCUS St. Louis, East-West Gateway Council of Governments and the RCGA. Metro Forum was formed a few months ago to examine the spending of federal transportation money by local municipalities.

Levin reportedly consulted in 1998 with former St. Louis Mayor Clarence Harmon’s administration on streamlining some of the practices at City Hall. Harmon did not return calls for comment.

Our tax dollars at work? That sort of new agey stuff don’t go ’round here.

I’m just curious as to why it took six years for the RCGA to notice that Levin’s style of business consulting was “a transformational clairvoyance-based method”.

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