Democrats Should Wear Tinfoil Hats should really change its name to

Ever since African-Americans attained the right to vote in this country those threatened by the idea have undermined their right to vote. Had it not been for the active suppression of the black vote in Florida in 2000, Al Gore would have won the presidency — it’s not a question.

No, it’s a delusion. Haven’t we heard enough about this already? It was investigated and recounted, more than once. This urban myth should be filed with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Besides, it seems that the Snowbird Factor–New Yorkers who illegally vote in Florida, too–probably compensated for any lost votes from black precincts. 46,000 voters illegally registered in both states, and 68% were Democrat, 12% were Republican. Any bets as to how that affected the Florida vote in 2000?

In the last two decades, Republicans have used a variety of tactics to prevent blacks from voting, and when they do, to prevent their votes counted. The tactics range from intimidation, misinformation, tampering with registration rolls, and where they have control over how elections are administered, the use of separate-but-unequal voting equipment and processes.

Ri-ight. Well, in Saint Louis they foiled those nasty Republicans by finding a friendly (Democratic) judge to illegally keep the polls open for hours after the 7:00pm closing time, which may have cost John Ashcroft his Senate seat to the late Mel Carnahan. (We’ve got Chicago beat. Chicago’s Democratic machine figured out how to let dead men vote. In Saint Louis, the Democrats got a dead man elected to the US Senate.)

The irony, which still makes me laugh four years later, is that by knocking Ashcroft out of the Senate, Democrats freed him up to become Attorney General. BWA-hahahaha!

Back to the topic: In my relatively well-off section of Saint Louis County, we still use the old punch-card machines–the ones that allegedly kept black and elderly voters in Florida from having their votes counted. Why? Because it’s still a better, more secure system than touchscreens or any other method of computerized voting. Anyone who doesn’t think a smart hacker can beat the security on a computerized voting system hasn’t been paying attention to the number of viruses floating around the Internet lately.

Bottom line: Anyone who can’t follow the instructions in a voting booth shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Democrats, shut up about the 2000 election already. You’re distorting the facts and conveniently forgetting the Democratic Party’s less-than-honorable history when it comes to voting rights for blacks, and not just in the South. I’m from Chicago. I know. You think the old Mayor Daley, the guy who presided over the riotous ’68 convention, was a big supporter of voter registration drives on the South Side? Ha.

Instead of ranting about how Bush stole the election, why didn’t you channel your anger into doing something productive–like picking a presidential candidate who actually has a chance to win?

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