Consultant Fired by St. Louis Group For Claiming Psychic Powers

A group promoting Our Fair City paid about a million and a half bucks to this charlatan:

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Maybe David Levin should have seen it coming: An economic development group fired him as a consultant over concern that his self-professed psychic powers were interfering with his work.

The St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association knew Levin was ‘spiritual,’ but word of his claims to have supernatural powers became a credibility issue, said Richard Fleming, president and CEO of the group.

Levin, 64, was an executive coach and strategic planner for the St. Louis non-profit group, which paid him $1.4 million US in fees and reimbursement since 1997. … Levin’s Center for Intuitive Leadership in Boulder, Colo., is meant to help business leaders ‘through a transformational clairvoyance-based method.’

I guess Levin’s “method” is a modern, enlightened alternative to sacrificing goats or neighbors to guarantee business success.

No different in God’s eyes, though.

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