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Israeli Mole in Pentagon?

This is intriguing:

Aug. 27, 2004 ? WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The FBI believes Israel has a spy at the very highest level of the Pentagon who may have sought to influence U.S. policy on Iran and Iraq, CBS News reported on Friday.

The Israeli embassy immediately denied the report.

“The FBI has a full-fledged espionage investigation under way and is about to … roll up someone agents believe has been spying, not for an enemy, but for Israel, from within the office of the secretary of defense (Donald Rumsfeld),” the network reported.

CBS News said the FBI believed it had solid evidence the suspected mole supplied Israel with classified material that included secret White House deliberations on Iran.

The mole is allegedly a “trusted analyst” inside the defense department that’s developed the Pentagon’s policy on Iraq.

How much of the war planning was done in Tel Aviv? Or is the Pentagon setting up a patsy?

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