Culture War

Albert Mohler sees the battle lines being drawn:

The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America by John Sperling and his co-authors is an all-out assault upon American conservatives and residents of the states that voted for George W. Bush in the 2000 election. Most pointedly, however, this book and its associated $2-million advertising campaign are the project of a man who is fanatically determined to reset America’s political equation–and to counter the influence of evangelical Christians.

The authors divide America into two camps, Metro and Retro. Metro America is comprised of “religious moderates and seculars, Democrats, and moderate Republicans who are committed to excellence in education and science; who want the arts to flourish; who are accepting of differences in ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation; and who want a clear division between church and state.”

Retro Americans, by contrast, “reject the rational, scientific approach to the development of public policy that has characterized American politics since the nation’s founding. In place of these Enlightenment values, they have chosen irrationality and biblical prophecy.”

Does it sound as though Sperling even knows any evangelical Christians?

Watch for this book and the accompanying ad campaign, which Sperling describes as a celebration of “our present urban, suburban, eclectic, multiethnic, multireligious, and multi-gendered society.”

Multi-gendered? If that’s “metro”, count me out.

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