Kerry Launches Assault on Bush’s Ranch

John Kerry is sending former Senator Max Cleland to George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, along with former Army Green Beret Jim Rassman, who Kerry pulled from a river during a firefight in Vietnam (after falling off Kerry’s boat when Lt. Kerry apparently turned in a hurry to get away from the shooting).

The Kerry campaign wants Cleland and Rassman to deliver a letter to Bush asking him to denounce the ads from the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. The president has condemned all ads from 527 Committees, but he stopped short of attacking the Swiftees directly.

Since the overwhelming percentage of money spent by 527s is aimed at defeating Bush in November, Kerry’s tactic is disingenuous at best. The scent of desperation is in the air.

527 Committee money at work:
A bumper sticker for Kerry

Quoting Mark Steyn: “After going around huffing and a-puffing that, if Bush wanted a debate about Vietnam, ‘Here is my answer: BRING. IT. ON,’ he’s now gone to ground and is demanding Bush call it off.”

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