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You think you had a bad day? You ain’t had a bad day:

Rock star Dave Matthews and his tour bus driver are facing a filthy lawsuit.

The Illinois Attorney General’s office says they’re responsible for dumping up to 100-gallons of raw human waste from a tour bus onto the Kinzie Street Bridge earlier this month.

The nasty mess rained down on passengers aboard a sightseeing boat two weeks ago.

Eight hundred pounds of poop raining down on your head–that’s a bad day.

I see the Dave Matthews Band is one of the headliners of the “Vote For Change” concert tour to raise money for America Coming Together, the 527 Committee that’s already raised $26.9 million this year to defeat George W. Bush.

One of the attacks leveled against Bush by Democrats is his record on the environment. Now, how does dumping 800 pounds of raw sewage into the Chicago River (and onto the heads of some very angry sightseers) square with the Democratic Party’s platform?

Or, like John Kerry, is there a disconnect between what Democrats say and what they do?

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