UFO Over St. Paul

Strange–those Swedes seem so down-to earth:

Unknown Object Hovering In St. Paul Sky

Aug 19, 2004 7:21 pm US/Central
St. Paul (AP) There’s an unknown object hovering in the sky over the Twin Cities, and it doesn’t appear to be a bird or a plane.

Meteorologist Tony Zaleski of the National Weather Service in Chanhassen says the white object appears to be higher than the white, whispy cirrus clouds, which means it’s probably higher than 30,000 feet.

Although the object looked like it might be rotating, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Zaleski says that probably would rule out a satellite.

Patrick Hogan at the Metropolitan Airports Commission says folks in the tower at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport thought it might be a weather balloon. But Zaleski says if that’s true, the Weather Service didn’t release it.

The Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t returned calls about the mysterious object.

This story absolutely died. Now, why would an unidentified object witnessed by hundreds, if not thousands, of people hovering more than 30,000 feet over a major American city for hours draw so little attention from the national media?

The last report was from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune early Friday morning, which blandly reported that no one had yet claimed responsibility for “it”.

I don’t believe for a second that it was extraterrestrial, but I wonder whether it wasn’t some type of reconnaissance drone. If so, why were the Twin Cities under surveillance?

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