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Nuke Terror Plot Foiled in Britain

This is a story that bears watching:

A GANG of British terror suspects has been charged with plotting to launch a “dirty bomb” or mini nuclear blast on London.

The attacks, on targets such as Heathrow and the Parliament, were planned to coincide with similar strikes on major buildings in the US. The leader of the group is believed to be Osama bin Laden’s UK general, Dhiren Barot. …

Barot and seven other members of the suspected al-Qaida sleeper cell were in custody last night after they were charged with conspiracy to murder and other terror-related crimes. The men, aged 20 to 32, were arrested in a series of raids on August 3.

Police discovered detailed reconnaissance plans of landmark American buildings including the New York Stock Exchange, the Prudential Building in New Jersey, the International Monetary Fund in Washington and Citigroup’s New York headquarters.

But investigators made a more chilling find.

Manuals on the use of radioactive materiel and explosives that have convinced intelligence chiefs the gang was planning to launch a dirty bomb were also found.

A dirty bomb is made with radioactive material wrapped around a core of high explosive. Detonated in a densely populated city, it can kill thousands from radiation sickness and leave the area uninhabitable.

Sooner or later, one of these groups is going to succeed. There is nothing short of an absolute round-the-clock curfew that will prevent determined psychopaths from blowing themselves up and taking a lot of people with them.

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