Shameless Plug

My lovely wife Sharon’s first novel, Winds of Evil, is now available at the 320 Family Christian Stores across America. Look for it among the “Featured New Releases”.

It’s also featured in the Family Christian Stores’ “Back to School” catalog, which arrives in thousands of mailboxes this week.

Winds of Evil is the first release in The MythArc, a series we plan to develop over the course of as many as 20 novels over the next ten years or so. 6,000 years of history is a lot of spiritual warfare to cover, but we’ve got a good start; Sharon’s second novel, The Armageddon Strain, is already out; her third, Signs and Wonders (the sequel to Winds of Evil), has just been sent to the publisher; and my first contribution to the series, The God Conspiracy, is tentatively set for an early 2005 release.

Sharon already has Skin Walkers pretty much done, and we’re both working on new novels, which makes seven, and we both plan to write during the annual National Novel Writing Month again in November, which would bring us up to nine in less than a year–well, we may go for more than 20.

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