Oh, Barf

Wonkette manages to make me lose my lunch:

Excuse the expression, but screw Obama. This was the speech of the year. The most high-profile outing, well, ever, and [New Jersey Governor James] McGreevey handled it with grace and dignity. He sort of makes me want to go gay, too.

We hope that someday it won’t mean much to go on national television and announce, “I am a gay American.” Someday, we hope that kind of announcement comes at the beginning of someone’s political career, not the end.

Clueless postmodern thinking like this is why I don’t read too many self-professed pundits, even the ones who are a bit clever, like Wonkette.

Her clarification didn’t raise my opinion of her:

Calm down, my right-thinking friends. This is what I meant yesterday: McGreevey’s speech was stunning, inspiring and perhaps even profound. . . It’s too bad he’s so corrupt.

See, that’s the problem. For Wonkette, McGreevey’s resignation is all about his sexual orientation. Guess what, Wonkie? It’s not.

It’s about using the taxpayers of New Jersey to finance the lifestyle of his lover, and most important, McGreevey’s choice to put an unqualified foreign national at the head of his state’s homeland security department without so much as a background check!

It doesn’t matter if McGreevey’s lust interest is male, female, or a three-headed alien from the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. He violated his oath of office, not to mention the oath he pledged to his wife, and all Wonkette can see is what might have been, if only this were a perfect world. Too bad he’s so corrupt.

Yeah. Too bad.

Excuse me. I have to rinse and spit.

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