The Plot Thickens…

The Bad Hair Blog tips us to this update on the New Jersey Soap Opera, starring Gov. James McGreevey:

Insiders told The Trentonian yesterday it appears there is a driving force behind McGreevey’s alleged former lover, [Golan] Cipel.

[Cipel’s attorney Allen] Lowy first contacted McGreevey on July 23, asking for $50 million, a source from the governor’s administration said yesterday. That figure was later dropped to $5 million but McGreevey’s lawyer refused to negotiate, administration sources said.

A Democratic insider yesterday said there is evidence to believe McGreevey’s troubled top fund-raiser Charles Kushner is pushing the buttons of revenge, and exercising his power as a Democratic Party force.

The insider told The Trentonian on Friday that Kushner was upset by the way McGreevey dealt with the alleged videotaped hookers for blackmail scheme that caused federal agents to descend on Kushner last month.

According to the source, Kushner is paying for Cipel’s lawyer and forcing the issue with the former anti-terrorism czar and confidential aide.

Hookers on videotape? Corruption? Blackmail? Revenge? Married politicos in homosexual affairs? Oh, this should keep us distracted for weeks!

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