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Cave Used by John the Baptist?

This is pretty cool:

KIBBUTZ TZUBA, Israel – Archaeologists said Monday they have found a cave where they believe John the Baptist anointed many of his disciples — a huge cistern with 28 steps leading to an underground pool of water.

During an exclusive tour of the cave by The Associated Press, archaeologists presented wall carvings they said tell the story of the fiery New Testament preacher, as well as a stone they believe was used for ceremonial foot washing.

They also pulled about 250,000 pottery shards from the cave, the apparent remnants of small water jugs used in baptismal ritual.

There’s no proof that John ever used the cave, but it’s close to John’s hometown. Apparently the fourth or fifth-century monks who carved the likeness of John in the cave wall believed it was one of the places John led repentants to be baptized.

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