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Religious Tendencies in America

A new study from George Barna sheds some light on the religious beliefs and activities of the various ethnic groups in America:

The survey showed that whites tended to fall consistently in the middle of the religious behavior scale, scoring neither highest nor lowest on any of the eight behaviors. Blacks, however, tended to score high in several of these areas. Of all the ethnic groups in the survey, blacks were “notably less likely than others to be unchurched.” They also ranked highest on the religious activity scale for half of the behaviors studied (reading the Bible, praying to God, giving money to churches, and watching Christian television). …

In terms of beliefs, once again, black Americans emerged as the ethnic group most likely to have beliefs that line up with Christian or biblical teachings. This population segment is the most likely to have an orthodox view of God and to contend that the Bible is accurate, that Christ lived a holy life, that faith is important to them, that they have a personal responsibility to evangelize, and that divorce — except in cases of adultery — is a sin.

This is intriguing. In recent elections, 90% or more of black voters have cast ballots for the Democratic candidate for president, while over the last thirty years–and the last twelve especially–the party’s platform has embraced positions, such as abortion on demand and homosexual marriage, that are definitely not Christian.

What’s the deal?

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