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WaPo Bashes the Swiftees

The Washington Post manages to sort of admit that John Kerry’s claims of his service in Vietnam were possibly, um, inaccurate:

Mr. Kerry’s four-plus months in Vietnam made for an unusually short tour. He used his third Purple Heart to go home early, and his wounds were relatively superficial.

At the same time, they slap down the men who served with Kerry:

The biggest single donor so far to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth isn’t a Swift boat veteran but one of the leading Republican donors in Texas. Houston builder Bob J. Perry gave the group $100,000, accounting for the bulk of the $158,000 in receipts it has reported. It’s fair to ask whether truth is at the top of this group’s agenda.

Summary: The Post feels the men who served with John Kerry are out of line for contradicting his memory of events, especially because his reconstruction serves his ambition to become the next president of the United States, but judges that attacking the Swiftees’ character for accepting a donation from a Bush supporter is fair game.

What about the admission by Kerry’s staff that he never really went to Cambodia, despite Sen. Kerry’s repeated claim that the incident was “seared” into his memory? Is that sufficient evidence for “branding Mr. Kerry…a liar”?

If not, is it fair to ask what’s at the top of the agenda at the Washington Post?

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