Summer of the Jihad Tourists

The Northeast Intelligence Network wonders if we’re being fooled into looking the wrong way:

The post reads as follows (translated into English from the original Arabic):

The distractions are going well. The Americans are chasing those with video cameras believing them to be terrorists. That permits us to do our preparations undetected. My brother your idea for people to draw attention to themselves with cameras was excellent.

Earlier this summer, we reported a posting from an Arabic language board called “Summer of the Jihad Tourists”, which suggested ways that tourists could participate in jihad.

There were also postings on Arabic language boards directed to Muslims in America, calling upon them to behave suspiciously as often as possible. One of the posts went so far as to advise people “if you are traveling, and can take a route near a nuclear power plant or a water treatment facility or any other building of that nature, stop and take photographs or video tape. The police cannot be everywhere. If they are watching you then they may not be watching our real projects.” The poster went on to tell people that because they would not be breaking the law, they would not get into trouble.

My question is this. What are we missing?

Let’s hope DHS answers that question soon.

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