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Oh. It’s New York. Explains a lot.

Cuddling Strangers Latest Craze for Singles
Mon Aug 9, 2004 09:59 AM ET

By Herbert Lash

NEW YORK (Reuters) – It’s not about sex and all about the touchy-feely experience of snuggling up to perfect strangers wearing pajamas.

The grab fests are called cuddle parties, and since they started in New York in February, hundreds of people have paid $30 each to touch and embrace others in intimate gatherings.

Everyone needs to be cuddled, especially in lonely New York, say creators Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski who say it’s a good way to meet new and interesting people.

But the rules are clear. The PJs stay on the whole time and participants are reminded of Rule No. 7: “No dry humping!”

Okay, I’m game. How do you play?

An introduction to cuddling ensues, first by hugging three people. People then get in a circle on their hands and knees, rub shoulders and moo like cows. After a bit of swaying, everyone falls to their side, which puts them into an easy cuddling position.

Uh huh. A bit of swaying, *thud*, MOOOOO! I get it.

No. No, I don’t. Thank God I live in the Midwest.

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