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Novak on the Swiftees

Robert Novak summarizes the impact of the new book, Unfit For Command:

[I]t is neither the political propaganda nor the urban legend that its detractors claim. It is a passionate but meticulously researched account of how Kerry went to war, what he did in the war and how he conducted himself after the war. The very serious charges by former comrades deserve answers but so far have produced only ad hominem counterattacks.

Ad hominem is right. Unfit co-author John Corsi has been called anti-Catholic and anti-Muslim by the Kerry campaign after details of some less-than-flattering comments Corsi posted to last year came to light.

While Corsi’s comments were less than objective and probably offensive to many, it doesn’t change the fact that the accusations of the swiftboat vets have yet to be directly addressed. If Kerry told the truth about his service, he should release the records. It’s no less than the Democrats demanded of George W. Bush.

Instead, the DNC loosed the attack dogs to intimidate broadcast outlets that might be tempted to air the anti-Kerry ad produced by the swiftboat vets.

This issue may torpedo Kerry’s campaign. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the Swiftees were secretly financed by Hillary?

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