Swiftboat Vets Lob Another Grenade at Kerry

A letter to TV station executives, asking them to air their 60-second spot opposing Kerry:

Two injuries – a small bruise on his right arm and a minor injury to his buttocks – won Kerry his Third Purple Heart and a trip home. However, the vets say, the wound to his buttocks was self-inflicted and should never have received Purple Heart consideration.

While Kerry claims the injury came from shrapnel from an underwater mine, Larry Thurlow, an officer on shore with Kerry that day, insists the wound was the result of Kerry’s decision to throw a concussion grenade into a rice pile. The “shrapnel,” he says, was actually rice pellets.

As further evidence, the vets say, Kerry himself reflected in his own journal that his buttocks’ wound came, not from a mine but, rather, from a grenade tossed into a rice cache.

Sworn statements of those present say there was no hostile fire involved in this incident for which Kerry receive his third Purple Heart and the coveted Bronze Star.

Rice pellets in the butt. I wonder if Kerry flashes back when he hears “snap-crackle-pop”.

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