Myths of Stem Cell Research

Timotheos, whose blog is the cleverly-titled Balaam’s Ass, links to an excellent article debunking some of the cruel myths of stem cell research, all of which Ron Reagan put forth in his misleading speech to the Democratic national convention:

  1. THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION BANNED STEM CELL RESEARCH (Actually, the Bush administration liberalized existing restrictions, much to the dismay of many conservatives)
  2. CURES ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER IF ONLY THE ADMINISTRATION CHANGES ITS MIND (Even supporters of destructive embryo stem-cell research admit that any cures are still many years away)
  3. ADULT STEM CELLS ARE SECOND BEST (Adult stem cells are being used in dozens of effective treatments now)
  4. THEY ONLY WANT TO USE THE ‘SPARE’ EMBRYOS THAT WILL DIE ANYWAY (They want to legalize human cloning on a massive scale, a horrific concept whose opponents are not limited to pro-lifers)

John Kerry seems bent on making embryonic stem cell research a hot-button issue in his campaign, but he and his supporters aren’t telling the truth. Take a look at and see for yourself.

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