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Kerry Promises to Lift Embryonic Stem Cell Ban

Another reason to vote against Long John:

US Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry has vowed to lift limits on embryonic stem cell research if he wins the White House election in November.

‘I want you to know that help is on the way,’ Mr Kerry said in a radio address. …

The use of embryonic stem cells is controversial because a human embryo a few days old is destroyed when the cells are extracted. In August 2001 the president cut federal funding for such research, citing ethical concerns about performing experiments with fertilised human embryos.

But Mr Kerry said more than 100 million Americans suffer from illnesses that could one day be cured with stem cell therapy.

‘Here in America, we don’t sacrifice science for ideology,’ he said.

Judging by his votes on both sides of so many issues, it’s clear that Mr. Kerry doesn’t sacrifice anything for ideology.

That aside, either Kerry isn’t up to speed on the science involved in using embryonic stem cells as opposed to adult stem cells (which have shown much more promise, and are indeed already used in dozens of medical treatments), or he’s in the pocket of the big biotech firms that stand to gain from the creation and sale of human embryos for destruction and testing.

Or maybe he’s just evil.

100 million sick Americans that could be treated with embryonic stem cells? Where in the Sam Hill did he get that number?

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