What is This ‘Chili’ You Speak Of?

Mark Steyn relates another anecdote that highlights the phony populism of Kerry and Edwards:

John Edwards’s campaign theme is a slice of warmed-over Disraeli: there are “two Americas”, one for the rich, one for the poor, and, even though he’s part of the former, he wants you to know that he started out in the latter. Friday was the Edwardses’ 27th anniversary, so, in keeping with tradition, they hit the Newburgh Wendy’s, along with the Kerrys, campaign mascot Ben Affleck and accompanying press crew. …

It then emerged that Wendy’s had just been an appetiser. The campaign advance team had ordered 19 five-star lunches from the Newburgh Yacht Club for Kerry, Edwards, Affleck and Co. to be served back on the bus: shrimp vindaloo, grilled diver sea scallops, prosciutto, wrapped stuffed chicken, etc. …

I’m not sure whether Ben had the shrimp and Teresa the scallops, but, either way, it turns out John Edwards is right: there are two Americas – one America where folks eat at Wendy’s, another America where the elite pass an amusing half-hour slumming among the folks at Wendy’s and then chow down on the Newburgh Yacht Club’s specials of the day.

Even disregarding John Kerry’s service in Vietnam, or lack thereof, I’m still amazed that Democrats think he’s the best they can throw out for the election in November.

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