The Spanish Are Weasels

Here’s how you combat terrorism, Spanish-style:

MADRID, Aug. 2 – The Spanish government has begun formal discussions on a proposal to expand financing to religious institutions, and security officials say that one intention is to subsidize mosques to make them less dependent on money from militant groups abroad.

The Justice Ministry proposal, which legal scholars say is likely to test the limits of Spain’s separation of church and state, reflects a widespread belief among counterterrorism officials here that Spanish mosques are vulnerable to the influences of militant groups because they feel the need to turn to the militants for money….

Robert Spencer of Dhimmiwatch comments:

This is the sort of harebrained scheme that only true sons of Aethelred the Unready could dream up, or perhaps more precisely true sons of Marx and Engels, so besotted with socialism and materialism that they can’t fathom the possibility that anyone could be motivated by anything other than the desire for material gain. The jihad? Pah. They just want money. Let’s give them some and they’ll quiet down.

Pull up a chair and watch, folks. Al-Andalus is advancing with amazing rapidity. I await news of the reinauguration of the mosque of Córdoba.


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