More on the Oshkosh Gun Grab

Matt at Stop the Bleating! wisely notes that news reports of the incident don’t quite corroborate the version put out by the Wisconsin Gun Owners, and that “it’s entirely possible that the searches were consensual.”

That’s a good point, and one I should be sensitive to since I was a radio news reporter in my younger days. While things are often not as they are described by the “mainstream media”, we must remember that the Wisconsin Gun Owners have a vested interest in how this story is spun. One hopes the WGO isn’t trying to capitalize on the shooting of an Oshkosh police officer to promote its politcal agenda.

Yet More
However, Vox Day points out that the search, even if it was consensual, doesn’t make seizing guns from the searched homes constitutional:

This is why the Constitution bans illegal searches AND seizures; if the two were identical, only illegal searches would need be banned. The two actions are completely different. When a policeman asks to search your car and you consent, you are not granting him permission to take your girlfriend’s purse or to remove the spare tire from the trunk.

One of the subplots of this story is that the only people arrested so far were a married couple who had a marijuana plant and growing materials that police discovered while searching for guns. Ironically, this was one of the two homes that was searched with a warrant, since the couple refused to consent when police first asked for permission to search their home.

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