Let’s Be Civil–Now Go &*$% Yourself, You @%$# Nazi

Colin McNickle, the reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Teresa Heinz Kerry told to “shove it”, has been getting death threats from her Civility in Politics Defense Corps:

‘I hope you burn in hell,’ read one e-mail. ‘You’re a (expletive) Nazi,’ went another. ‘Teresa should have told you to go (expletive) yourself,’ another friendly e-mailer offered. And these were among the milder communiques; those that included death threats will be forwarded to the senders’ respective hometown police departments.

“One of my daughters back in Pittsburgh was brought to tears by a caller to our house. The clever woman identified herself as a Washington reporter seeking to interview me but then embarked on a filthy tirade.

It seems a Kerry supporter posted McNickle’s home address and telephone number to the “response” section of his convention blog.


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