More OTMs on the Loose

Another report of illegals from countries “Other Than Mexico” crossing our southern border, this time from Texas:

More than 5,200 illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico (often referred to as OTMs) have been processed in the Del Rio [Texas] Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol since January 2004, [U.S. Representative Henry] Bonilla said. Of that number more than 4,400 – about 85 percent – have been subsequently released in the Del Rio Sector.

Bonilla said a total of 15,000 such undocumented immigrants have been released in Texas since the beginning of the year.

Does this make any sense whatsoever? We should demand to know:

  1. Where are these OTMs from?
  2. Where are they now?
  3. Why should we give the FBI power to check our library or financial records–without warrants, mind you–when we’re letting thousands of illegal immigrants from God only knows where cross the border–and setting them free on their own recognizance?

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