The July Surprise

This is pretty much what was predicted by cynics just a couple of weeks ago:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ? al-Qaida’s No. 1 leader in Iraq ? has been captured near the Syrian border, according to reports today.

The man presumed to be al-Zarqawi was captured during a joint operation by U.S. forces and Iraqi police, reported the Al Siyasah newspaper, quoting Iraqi sources.

According to the popular Arab television news network al-Jazeera, the newspaper cited Iraqi police reporting the suspect was caught in a white shirt and jeans, and offered no resistance.

This is good news, sure, and the timing is nearly perfect for Republicans, coming just as John Kerry and John Edwards set off on their cross-country campaign tour.

Only a hardened cynic would suggest that the arrest was staged to coincide with the end of the Democratic convention. Right?

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