Why We Need to Worry About Syrian Musicians on Airplanes

Thanks to the Washington Times for hiring the translator:

The Syrian singer of a band that was detained by the FBI’s Terrorism Task Force for suspicious activity during a recent flight to Los Angeles has written about the “glorification” of suicide bombers to liberate Palestine.

Singer Nour Mehana’s latest album includes the song “Um El Shaheed,” or “Mother of a Martyr,” said Aluma Dankowitz of the Middle East Media Research Institute. The song tells the story of a woman who mourned her son’s death until she realized that “he died for a good cause and he should be glorified for what he did,” said Miss Dankowitz, who translated the song for The Washington Times.

Nour Mehana

The Syrian Wayne Newton

Mr. Mehana, widely known as the Syrian Wayne Newton, sings to the mother that her son’s goals are heroic and she should be happy he is dead.

Needless to say, I would not feel comfortable if Mr. Mehana boarded my next flight.

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