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Alec Baldwin’s America

Baldwin, addressing a panel at the Democratic convention in Boston today, says the trouble with the Republican Party is that it’s been hijacked by “fundamentalist wackos.” He seems to feel that us little people out in the Heartland fixate on social issues because we’re just too dimwitted to understand what’s really important:

“I am talking about flyover America, I am not talking about the leadership class of either party,” Baldwin said. “I am talking about the average American out there. They latch on to these personality-driven issues because they are easier for them to digest in this kind of tabloid world.”

To his credit, Al “O’Franken” tried to give Baldwin the chance to back off his remarks, but Alec wasn’t having it:

“The concept is the leadership class — politically — wherever they may be, who have a high degree of awareness versus people from whom that kind of debate of the language, behavior, what is appropriate — look at Clinton’s impeachment. Look at Clinton’s impeachment. Does anybody really believe that anything that Clinton was doing in his private life had any bearing on his performance as president of the United States?”

Well, yes. Yes, we do.

You see, Alec, out here in Flyoverstan, we actually believe in a supreme being whose name isn’t “Clinton”.

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