John Kerry on Deer Hunting

Mark Steyn catches John Kerry sticking his foot in it again:

He was in Wisconsin the other day, pretending to be a regular guy, and was asked what kind of hunting he preferred. ‘I’d have to say deer,’ said the senator. ‘I go out with my trusty 12-gauge double-barrel, crawl around on my stomach… That’s hunting.’

Now, I’ve never been hunting in my life, but I know guys who do. I’ve learned enough by listening that I know you don’t crawl on your stomach to hunt deer. You get up way too early and climb a tree to sit in a deer stand. Then you pray a buck strolls by before your ‘nads freeze and fall off.

This just proves that John Kerry is not only a phony, he’s so far away from being in touch with real people that he couldn’t get there with a map and a GPS plotter.

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