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Democrats Worried About Terrorists

Security officials in Boston are concerned about the possibility of a terror attack at the Democratic convention next week. Muslim extremists? Nah. Skinheads:

The unnamed domestic group whose statements triggered the FBI warning is made up of college-age members based in the Midwest, sources told ABC News. The group’s members are still in the Midwest and have not traveled to Boston, officials believe.

However, ABC News has learned that there is a very real concern among security officials in Boston ? including the local Joint Terrorism Task Force, the U.S. Secret Service and the Boston Police Department ? about the possibility of violent action by white supremacist groups.

Beyond the usual concern about anarchists and splinter groups who have marred past peaceful protests, authorities in Boston are worried about two right-wing white supremacist groups: Volksfront and White Revolution.

Volksfront, a neo-Nazi skinhead group that describes itself as “The Independent Voice of the White Working Class,” has a history of racial violence, including murder, officials said.

Uh huh. Not that I support racist hate-mongers, but who really poses a bigger threat to American security: A bunch of loser skinheads (who will no doubt be linked to Republicans by a significant number of the Democrats at the convention), or radical Islamofascists? Can we get real here?

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