Hawking on Black Holes

Stephen Hawking, acknowledged as probably the smartest man in the world, has admitted that he was wrong about black holes.

Just hearing a prominent person admit a mistake in this postmodern age is refreshing, but as Gene Edward Veith at WORLD Magazine points out, the implications of his new calculations–that matter is not destroyed inside a singularity and might sometimes explode out again–are fascinating:

(1) Hawking’s new calculations show that the fundamental law of the Conservation of Matter cannot be violated. Perhaps this will give scientists more faith in another fundamental scientific law, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, that systems by themselves becomes more disordered rather than ordered, a principle that throws Darwinistic evolution into question.

(2) There are no other universes. Just the one we have. This puts a damper on the new religiosity that tries to construct a purely naturalistic faith with supernatural, mystical overtones.

So Hawking lost his bet with baseball loving Cal Tech physicist Kip Thorne, and he paid off by sending Thome a baseball encyclopedia.

Hmm. Maybe we can recruit Thorne to calculate an “out” pitch for Cubs closer LaTroy Hawkins.

Thanks to Tom of MuD&PHuD for pointing out that it’s Dr. Thorne, not Thome. I guess I associate Thome with baseball, as in Jim.

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