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Toward a More Bizarre Heresy

Albert Mohler shows there is no limit to heresy in this postmodern age:

[N]ever discount the diabolical ingenuity of those who intend to subvert biblical truth and the Christian faith. The latest evidence of the heretical imagination comes from Professor Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. of Chicago Theological Seminary. Just when you think you’ve encountered just about every possible heresy, along comes something so shocking that it demands painful attention.

In The Man Jesus Loved: Homoerotic Narratives From the New Testament, Ted Jennings argues not only that Jesus approved of same-sex relationships–but that he was involved in one. Jennings explains that his book, “is an attempt to carefully and patiently explore texts from the Gospels that suggest something about Jesus’ own erotic attachments and the attitude toward same-sex relationships that may be fairly extrapolated from the traditions about Jesus.”

Although others have argued for the acceptance of homosexuality within the umbrella of Christianity, Jennings is the first “mainstream” theological scholar to argue that Jesus was homosexual.

The Chicago Theological Seminary is connected to the United Church of Christ, which in general has moved outside the scope of Christian orthodoxy over the last fifty years. Still, this is so far out there it’s stunning. Lord, come quickly!

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