The Day the Wheels Fell Off

So the Cubs jump out to an 8-1 lead over the Cardinals today. Piece of cake, right? Win the game, split the series, move back to within eight games of the Cards. Not an ideal spot to be in, but better than being ten games out, right?

The Cards came back, hitting everybody Dusty Baker put on the mound, and won the game 11-8.

Okay. There’s still the Wild Card. Get into the playoffs, and in a short series, I still like the Cubs rotation of Zambrano, Wood, Prior, Clement, and Maddux over anyone else in the league.

July 31 is more than a week away. There’s still time to trade for a closer. LaTroy Hawkins has proved that he’s not the answer, and there’s no telling whether Joe Borowski can make it back from his shoulder injury this year. Plug that hole and we’ve got a shot.

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