Kristof Judges Jesus

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has apparently decided God doesn’t live up to his standards:

People have the right to believe in a racist God, or a God who throws millions of nonevangelicals into hell. I don’t think we should ban books that say that. But we should be embarrassed when our best-selling books gleefully celebrate religious intolerance and violence against infidels.

That’s not what America stands for, and I doubt that it’s what God stands for.

Mr. Kristof, you have a constitutionally protected right to believe what you want. (Even when you mistakenly call the judgment of the world “ethnic cleansing”.)

However, Mr. Kristof, there are good, scholarly reasons to accept the New Testament as an historic record of the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus. I suggest you read it.

Say what you will about the eschatology of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, but Jesus made it very clear that His return will not be pleasant for those who have rejected Him.

And ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

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