Calm Down, Carlos

Carlos Zambrano pitched a decent game last night against the best offense in the National League, but three Cardinal home runs (and a bonehead running mistake by the Cubs) cost him the game, 5-4.

In the 8th, Zambrano lost his temper after Scott Rolen’s two-run homer, and he tried to drill a new opening in Jim Edmonds’ derriere. Zambrano was rightfully ejected, and he deserves a suspension. That was a foolish thing to do, not only because he could have injured Edmonds with his 98 MPH fastball, but because the Cubs’ hopes of winning the division are disappearing like Old Style at Wrigley on an August afternoon.

Emotion in sport can be a good thing, but it must be controlled and directed. Cardinals announcer Al Hrabosky had it right: Zambrano hit Edmonds because he’d given up. Zambrano knew he’d get thrown out of the game but he did it anyway, like a spoiled kid who tips over the checkerboard because he’s losing.

Zambrano is in the big leagues. He needs to grow up.

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