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The first season of Millennium will be officially released on DVD tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the seventh anniversary of the first e-mail–first contact, if you will–between my wife and I. It’s fitting. We plan a nice, romantic dinner, followed by a trip to Best Buy or Blockbuster to pick up a copy of the DVD.

Millennium was one of the best television series ever produced. At its best, the show ranked with the classic Twilight Zone episodes as the finest, best-written hours of television drama ever broadcast. It was often dark, dealing with some very grisly themes as it explored the struggle between good and evil, and the impact of the supernatural world on the physical.

Our only complaint, which is not unique to Millennium, is that the writers never used the “J”-word, but that’s nearly impossible to do in anything from Hollywood. The writing, especially in the first two seasons, captured the paranoid conspiracy flavor of The X-Files with the added element of the demonic. That blend of science fiction, conspiracy theory, and spiritual warfare inspired Sharon and I to develop The MythArc.

We’re going to wear out that DVD.

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