The Great Godless North

In its pursuit of multiculturalism, our northern neighbor takes another step toward eliminating God from the lives of its people

The federal government has told the Canadian Bible Society to end its 50-year tradition of offering the New Testament to new Canadians at citizenship ceremonies because doing so is inconsistent with Canada’s promotion of multiculturalism. …

The 200-year-old interdenominational Christian organization will appeal Ottawa’s ruling that it stop setting up tables stacked with commemorative Maple Leaf-embossed Bibles at citizenship ceremonies.

The organization has been giving away about 60,000 of the small Bibles a year. The practice started when volunteers from the organization brought the books to the docks welcoming immigrants who landed at Halifax’s Pier 21 in the 1950s.”

Canada offers a glimpse of what the United States may become in the not too distant future–a nation where God has no place in the public square and where Christian pastors can be arrested for teaching from the Bible.

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