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Who Lied? And For What?

Mark Steyn’s analysis is always worth a read:

Well, the week went pretty much as I predicted seven days ago:



But it turns out JOE WILSON LIED! PEOPLE DIED. Of embarrassment mostly. At least I’m assuming that’s why the New York Times, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, PBS drone Bill Moyers and all the other media bigwigs Joseph C. Wilson IV suckered have fallen silent on the subject…

And what about John F. Kerry? Joe Wilson campaigned with Kerry in at least six states, and claims to have helped with the candidate’s speeches. He was said to be a senior foreign policy adviser to the senator. As of Friday, Wilson’s Web site,, was still wholly paid for by Kerry’s presidential campaign.

Heigh-ho. It would be nice to hear his media boosters howling en masse, ‘Say it ain’t so, Joe!’ But Joe Wilson’s already slipping down the old media memory hole. He served his purpose — he damaged Bush, he tainted the liberation of Iraq — and yes, by the time you read this the Kerry campaign may well have pulled the plug on his Web site, and Salon magazine’s luxury cruise will probably have to find another headline speaker, and he won’t be doing Tim Russert again any time soon. But what matters to the media and to Senator Kerry is that he helped the cause of (to quote his book title) The Politics Of Truth, and if it takes a serial liar to do that, so be it.

That’s the bottom line for the Democratic Party. Not too surprising, considering how it rallied behind serial liar Bill Clinton.

Now the question is this: Why did Wilson put out such a bald-faced lie? One that was sure to be exposed? What did he get out of this? A sweet book deal in exchange for his integrity?

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