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Robert Novak: Joe Wilson Lied

Silence from the left is deafening:

Like Sherlock Holmes’ dog that did not bark, the most remarkable aspect of last week’s Senate Intelligence Committee report is what its Democratic members did not say. They did not dissent from the committee’s findings that Iraq apparently asked about buying yellowcake uranium from Niger. They neither agreed to a conclusion that former diplomat Joseph Wilson was suggested for a mission to Niger by his CIA employee wife nor defended his statements to the contrary.

Wilson’s activities constituted the only aspects of the yearlong investigation for which the committee’s Republican chairman, Sen. Pat Roberts, was unable to win unanimous agreement. According to committee sources, Roberts felt Wilson had been such a ”cause celebre” for Democrats that they could not face the facts about him.

For a year, Democrats have been belaboring President Bush about 16 words in his 2003 State of the Union address in which he reported Saddam Hussein’s attempt to buy uranium from Africa, based on British information. Wilson has been lionized in liberal circles for allegedly contradicting this information on a CIA mission and then being punished as a truth-teller. Now, for committee Democrats, it is as though the Niger question and Joe Wilson have vanished from the Earth.

And not much is being written about it in the mainstream press, either.

Still, it should be asked why Wilson was approved for this mission in the first place. His behavior since raises big questions about his qualifications and temperament for an assignment like this.

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