The Impact of The Passion

Remember all the hoopla about Mel Gibson’s movie? It seems like years ago. It was either going to inflame anti-Semitic hatred or turn the tide of the culture war.

Christian pollster George Barna says The Passion has done neither:

Through a research tool that polled more than 1,600 adults across the U.S., BRG researchers examined not only how many people saw The Passion of the Christ, but also what impact the film had on their lives. The survey discovered that one out of every three adults in America (31 percent) say they have seen the film, and despite how some media critics trashed it, most viewers gave the movie rave reviews, from ‘good’ (23 percent) to ‘excellent’ (67 percent). But when viewers were asked if The Passion affected their religious beliefs, only one out of six (16 percent) said it had.

I guess we can’t scoff at 16%; that’s about 11 million people.

However, only 3% of viewers said the movie helped them gain a deeper appreciation or understanding of what Jesus did for them through His death and resurrection. That’s too bad, because that is the foundation upon which Christianity is built.

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