Same-Sex Marriage Debate May Help Republicans

ABC News reports that Democrats are worried that votes in some key states on homosexual marriage will bring more conservative voters, including some Democrats who may switch parties over the issue, to the polls in November. “If you keep it in a high-profile vein, it just plays into the Republican strategists’ hands, and it will have a negative effect, and could have a spillover effect on the Kerry-Edwards campaign,” said Cleveland Heights Mayor Edward Kelley.

Here in Missouri, I’m sure that’s why Democratic Governor Bob Holden forced the vote on an amendment to the state constitution, defining marriage as between one man and one woman, to a special election in August.

Do you see what’s happened? The Democratic Party has been enslaved by a powerful lobby representing, according to the most scientific estimates, between 1.5 and 3 percent of the population. The Democrat platform is no longer about representing the will of the people, which clearly opposes homosexual marriage, but how to push the agenda without letting people vote on it.

The message from Democrats to homosexual activists is this: Shut up until after the election and then we’ll let the courts force it into law.

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