Modesty the Next Fashion Trend?

Let’s hope:

An 11-year-old girl from Redmond, Washington, says she has had enough of the low-cut, tight-fitting styles of today. And recently she did something about it.

Sixth-grader Ella Gunderson wrote a letter to a Nordstrom department store, complaining of how few modest clothing choices were available for girls. She says she had two very important reasons for objecting to the immodest styles she found so prevalent on the store’s racks: ‘One, they’re not comfortable, and two, you really shouldn’t sacrifice your human dignity for the sake of fashion.’

The Seattle-area youngster wrote that, while clothes shopping at a local Nordstrom store, a clerk had suggested to her that ‘there is only one look,’ a bit of fashion advice Ella resisted. ‘If that is true,’ she wrote to Nordstrom, ‘then girls are suppost (sic) to walk around half naked. I think that you should change that.’ Ella also stated, ‘I see all these girls who walk around with pants that show their belly button and underwear. Even at my age, I know that is not modest.’

My wife has complained about this for the last four years. Even Wal-Mart, which used to be a place to buy conservative clothing for girls, doesn’t really offer anything stylish and modest for young women.

Let’s face it: Girls 7 to 11 should not dress like Christina Aguilera. (For that matter, Christina Aguilera shouldn’t dress like Christina Aguilera.) It’s creepy, and it sends the wrong message. Girls that age should be playing with dolls, not dressing like hos, and parents who allow it are practically pushing their daughters into premarital sex and all of the consequences that follow.

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