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Mozilla Gains on IE

PC World reports that the recent widely publicized security holes in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer may be responsible for a gain in market share for the open-source Mozilla web browser. That seems logical enough.

The stats show, however, that IE’s market share has only dropped from about 96% of all web users to 95% over the last month. I’m amazed.

Now, I admit I’m a bit of a techno-dweeb, but I don’t compile Linux distros, build my own desktop PC for fun, or anything like that. I do have a life, more or less. But I can’t remember the last time I used Internet Explorer, even on my Wintel box at the office. Mozilla and it’s lightweight browser-only cousin Firefox offer so many more features than IE, such as tabbed browsing, themes, and built-in popup blockers, that I can’t see why anyone who thinks about it for a minute would stick with IE.

Especially because Mozilla and Firefox are free!

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