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Did Bilderbergers Pick Edwards?

This is something I’ve been wondering since the big announcement:

Several people pointed to the secretive and exclusive Bilderberg conference of some 120 people that this year drew the likes of Henry A. Kissinger, Melinda Gates and Richard A. Perle to Stresa, Italy, in early June, as helping win Mr. Kerry’s heart. Mr. Edwards spoke so well in a debate on American politics with the Republican Ralph Reed that participants broke Bilderberg rules to clap before the end of the session. Beforehand, Mr. Edwards traveled to Brussels to meet with NATO officials, brandishing his foreign-policy credentials.

“His performance at Bilderberg was important,” said a friend of Mr. Kerry who was there. “He reported back directly to Kerry. There were other reports on his performance. Whether they reported directly or indirectly, I have no doubt the word got back to Mr. Kerry about how well he did.”

Kerry was a guest at the Bilderberg conference in 2001, and neocon policy hawks Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle, John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz, and Donald Rumsfeld, among others, are regular attendees.

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