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Stormy Weather…

What a welcome return to Saint Louis! We got in yesterday afternoon with the sun shining and birds singing. Before nightfall, thunderstorms had rolled in and were pounding us with heavy rains.

The waves of storms that rolled through today hit us with pea-sized hail and 70 mph gusts. Our big maple out front dropped a couple of pretty big branches, but neither hit the house. Unfortunately, one of them did get the neighbor’s pickup, although it’s still partly in the tree, so hopefully there’s no damage.

Our neighbors on the on the other side lost a bunch of limbs from their maples. One of them took out a chunk of our backyard fence, and another would have clobbered their van if they hadn’t been visiting friends when it fell.

That’s the dark side of maple trees. They grow quickly, they provide great shade, but their soft wood makes them dangerous when they get big. The limbs that came off the trees tonight showed no signs of weakness or disease, they just couldn’t stand up to 70 mile an hour winds.

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