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Polygamy Constitutional?

This was inevitable:

In a 115-page brief filed with the Utah Supreme Court, an attorney for former police officer [Rodney] Holm argues the practice of polygamy is a constitutional right that never produced the social ills claimed by its opponents. And, the brief says, monogamy is the minority way of life worldwide. …

The appeal cites a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that struck down the sodomy convictions of two Houston men. A majority of the justices said a Texas anti-sodomy law violated the privacy rights of consenting adults.

Holm is appealing his convictions, including unlawful sex with a minor, which stem from his 1988 “spiritual” marriage to 16-year-old Ruth Stubbs, with whom he had two children. At the time, Holm was legally married to Stubbs’ sister and had another spiritual wife.

Sen. Rick Santorum of (R-Pa.) caught Holy Ned last year when he predicted this very thing after that Supreme Court ruling.

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