Why Does Anyone Use Internet Explorer?

Because if you do, you may be sending your credit card information to someone in Russia:

According to various security experts, a new, potentially dangerous, virus attacks personal computers to obtain financial data and passwords that are stored on the computer’s hard disk drive. The reports of this virus were confirmed on Friday.

The attack started earlier this week with a code-name “Scob”. Scob exploits a vulnerability in servers that utilize Microsoft’s IIS software. Many security experts consider this virus to be more dangerous than the recent Sasser and Blaster attacks.

After the websites that use IIS sever software are infected, the virus exploits a vulnerability in Internet Explorer to download a Trojan Horse onto the user’s personal computer.

Alfred Huger, Senior Director of Engineering at Symantec Corporation, said “All of this takes place while it looks like you’re viewing the same webpage. You don’t even know that parts of your browser have been redirected to another Web site.”

According to online reports, any website, even the most trusted ones, can carry the malicious code. The Trojan Horse installs a keylogger onto a system, records the credit card numbers and passwords and sends the information to a server in Russia.

Scob doesn’t affect the Mac version of IE, or any version of non-MS browsers like Mozilla or Opera.

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